The popularity of deodorant without aluminum has been growing in the last few years.

This is because more people are becoming aware of the potential health issues associated with aluminum-based deodorants. And so they choose to use a natural, aluminum-free deodorant instead.

Let’s take a look at the reasoning behind this and why natural deodorant without aluminum is the healthy choice.

But first, we need to look at how deodorants and antiperspirants work, and the difference between them…

How Deodorants And AntiPerspirants Work

A common misunderstanding that a lot of people have is that it’s their sweat that smells. This isn’t true. Your sweat doesn’t smell on its own. It’s only when it mixes with the bacteria that are present on your skin that the smells are released.

In fact, the bacteria actually eat your sweat and then excrete waste. And it’s this waste that causes the nasty odors you associate with sweating.

And we humans sweat a surprising amount. On an average day, you’re likely to produce over a litre of sweat.

This is a perfectly normal and useful function, of course. The purpose of sweating is to cool you down by absorbing heat from your body as the sweat evaporates.

Deodorant Without Aluminum

And while it may seem as though you only sweat under your armpits, in fact you sweat all over your body. It’s just that the sweat gets trapped under your arms and can’t evaporate. So you tend to notice it more.

Firstly, because of the dampness the sweat causes and the resultant stains on your clothes. And secondly, because there’s so much more sweat there, more of it is available to bacteria so more odor is created.

And there are huge amounts of bacteria on your skin. There are over 1 million bacteria on every square inch of the skin under your armpits, for example.

Deodorants work by killing this bacteria and making the area where you apply it inhospitable to them. So there’s less bacteria and so less odor.

And if they’re antiperspirant deodorants they also reduce the amount that you sweat. They do this by blocking the sweat ducts and stopping the sweat from getting to your skin’s surface.

The problem is that normal deodorants contain aluminum along with other chemicals. So, as a result, the pores of your skin get clogged up with aluminum salts. And it’s been suggested that these salts are bad for your health.

The aluminum can also get into your body through tiny nicks and cuts caused by shaving. For example, when you shave your armpits and then apply deodorant afterwards.

Aluminum And Health Issues

Aluminum is a known toxin. It’s been linked to a number of health problems including:

Kidney problems. One of the functions of the kidneys is the removal of aluminum from your body, along with other metal elements. People who already have pre-existing kidney problems face issues with higher levels of aluminum. This is because their kidneys can’t filter it out effectively.

Alzheimer’s Disease. There has long been a suspected link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease. Some studies have shown patients with Alzheimer’s to have increased amounts of aluminum in their brains.

Bone problems. High levels of aluminum in the body are also associated with bone disease. Again, this is an issue for people with reduced kidney efficiency.

Breast cancer. Although this is mainly an issue for women, men can also suffer from breast cancer too. Some scientists believe that when you apply deodorant under your arms, the aluminum gets absorbed into the skin around the upper part of the breast. They think this may increase the chances of cancer cells being formed. The main reasoning behind this theory is that most breast cancers seem to originate in this part of the breast. And this, of course, is also where majority of antiperspirant is put on.

It should be stressed that it’s true that there’s no definitive proof that deodorant containing aluminum is directly linked with these health problems. Indeed, many scientific experts maintain that there’s no link at all.

But many people choose to use aluminum-free deodorant rather than take the risk. After all, there’s no upside to being proved wrong about your concerns with the aluminum salts in deodorant, but there’s plenty of potential downside.

Deodorant Without Aluminum - Man Sweating

Deodorant Without Aluminum

Because of the safety fears over aluminum, you’ll now find in the stores some natural deodorants without aluminum or other toxic chemicals. Indeed, even mainstream manufacturers are now starting to sell deodorant without aluminum. And that’s a sure sign of the growing demand for natural deodorants.

These deodorants are made using only natural ingredients such as essential oils like tea tree oil, coconut oil and witch hazel. They don’t contain aluminum or other chemicals like parabens. Many of these other chemical ingredients are also linked with health issues themselves.

The main problem in the past with these natural deodorants is that they’ve not been that effective. Certainly not as effective as the chemical-based deodorants. So you basically had a choice: risk your health, or risk body odor.

Fortunately, that’s no longer the case and it’s now easy to find a natural deodorant without aluminum and other nasty chemicals that still works well to reduce odors and prevent sweat stains.

The aim of this site is to review these aluminum-free deodorants and help you to find the best one for your needs. So now let’s take a look at what you should be thinking about when choosing an aluminum-free deodorant…

What To Look For In An Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Obviously, the first thing to check is that the deodorant really doesn’t contain aluminum. As well as this though, you should make sure all the other ingredients are absolutely 100% natural, with no artificial chemicals or other nasties.

This is very important, because even aluminum-free deodorants can contain ingredients such as propylene glycol and triclosan, which have been linked to their own health issues.

So before purchasing any deodorant, including those without aluminum, check the listed ingredients for any things you want to avoid.

The other thing, of course, is to look for an organic, natural deodorant or anti-perspirant that actually works well. Not all deodorants without aluminum are made equal. Some work much better and for much longer than others.

Luckily, in the age of the internet it’s very easy to search for and read reviews of each product before buying. Just on Amazon you’ll likely find dozens, if not hundreds, of reviews of each deodorant. So take advantage of all this free information and make an informed decision. And, of course, we have our own reviews of the best aluminum-free deodorants here on this site too.

Here are our top deodorants without aluminum:

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

This is one of the most popular natural deodorants and with good reason. It’s made using only organic, natural ingredients. Despite this, it works very well even under extreme circumstances such as heavy exercising. And it smells great too. It’s also very gentle on your skin. It won’t cause any rashes or skin irritation. It not only prevents nasty smells but it keeps you dry too.

You can read our full Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant review here.

Whole Clarity 100% Natural Deodorant

This soft and gentle deodorant from Whole Clarity is all natural and completely free of aluminum. There are no chemicals, artifical fragances or colorings in it. It works just as well as standard deodorants and is kind to your skin too.

You can read our full Whole Clarity 100% Natural Deodorant review here.

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

Another 100% natural deodorant that really works. The Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant contains no aluminum, parabens or artifical fragrances. Great smelling and long lasting, this is another highly recommended deodorant without aluminum.

You can read our full Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant review here.






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