The Best Time To Apply Antiperspirant

It seems common sense that the best time to apply antiperspirant is first thing in the morning, right before you face the rigours and challenges of the day ahead.

But it turns out that the best time to put on your antiperspirant is at night, just before you go to bed.

A scientific study that was referenced in The Dermatologist in 2009 revealed that those women who applied their antiperspirant before bed had much greater reductions in their rate of sweating than those who applied it in the morning. This was true after three, seven and ten days. And it’s especially true if you put it on right after you come out of the shower.

One reason for this is because when your skin is clean and still wet, it’s harder for the antiperspirant to get right into your pores and clog them up. And we also sweat more in the morning than in the night time too, which means any antiperspirant you apply tends to get washed off.

The Best Time To Apply Antiperspirant

At night time, our skin is usually drier and we don’t sweat as much (mainly because we’re not as active as during the daytime) which means it’s easier for the antiperspirant to take a hold in our skin. So applying it at bedtime gives your antiperspirant the best chance of working most effectively.

You may wonder if the antiperspirant won’t just wash off when you have your morning shower. Luckily, it won’t. Your skin pores will remain plugged by the antiperspirant and the effects of it should last the 24 hours until the next night.

Eventually, of course, the antiperspirant will wash away and you’ll need to reapply it. But applying it at bedtime should easily get you through the next day until you need to apply it again.

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