Primal Pit Paste Review

Here’s our in-depth Primal Pit Paste review…

Amy Cazin founded Primal Pit Paste when she decided that she didn’t want her young daughter using deodorants that contain large amounts of toxic chemicals. When she searched for alternative natural products that were just as effective, she struggled to find any.

And so she began to conduct her own research with the aim of producing a natural deodorant anyone could use that didn’t contain aluminum, parabens or any other nasty and potentially harmful chemicals. The end result of that research was Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant.

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Review

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant is a 100% natural, organic deodorant. It doesn’t contain any of the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Chemicals
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Parabens
  • Solvent-extracted oils
  • Synthetic fragrances

In addition, it’s not tested on animals and no toxic packaging is used.

So what does it contain then? Well, according to its website and packaging, it has the following ingredients:

  • Organic oils – argan oil, coconut oil, calendula oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and sunflower seed oil
  • Organic butters – Cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter
  • Essential Oils
  • Other organic ingredients such as aluminum-free baking soda, organic free trade sugar, etc.

Natural deodorants - Primal Pit Paste Review

What’s It Like?

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant is available in stick form or in a jar. The only difference between the two is that the stick version contains organic beeswax to make the substance firmer and maintain it’s stick form. In our experience, the stick form is easier to apply than the jar form but that’s really a matter of personal preference.

It’s available in a range of different “colors” – Lavender, Jacked Up Jasmine, Orange Creamsicle, Royal & Rogue, Coconut Lime, Patchouli, Thyme & Lemongrass, and Unscented.

Note that unscented doesn’t mean it won’t have an aroma. It means that it doesn’t contain any essential oils.

We prefer the Thyme & Lemongrass personally, but in truth they all smell wonderful and it’s again a matter of personal preference. The fragrance is light and refreshing, and definitely not too over-powering.

And it works! As it’s a non anti-perspirant deodorant, you will still sweat but there’s no odor. The deodorant keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day, even under extreme conditions and during and after exercise.

It should be noted that it seems that some people have reported developing a rash or tender skin after using this deodorant, so we recommend that if you give it a try you exercise caution at first. We personally didn’t experience anything like that.


Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant is a light and fresh deodorant available in a range of wonderful fragrances. It’s very effective at preventing the nasty odors associated with sweating, and is long lasting, keeping you fresh throughout the day.









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